Humor, Romance, and Family Poetry

I’ve heard it said that “men chasing women is what makes the human race!”  I know that I chased my wife into some of the most joyous experiences life has to offer as our family has expanded over the years. Some of the poems below deal with courting and romance (both before and after marriage); some look at family life with its mix of laughter and tears; and some are just zany glimpses into the world in general. It’s my pleasure to share some of what I’ve experienced with you.

A Big Man in a Small Circle

A Crumby Ballade

A Mother is Born

A Young Boy’s Christmas

Accustomed To The Sight

Advice To All Eggs

Alzheimer’s: The Larceny of Life

An Incredibly Touching Love Poem

Anything You Make It

Are You Missed?

As He Pulls Himself Up

As My Wife Turns 40

As Now the Handle Turns

At Mother’s Passing



Chloe and Brooke

Could She Be Sixteen So Soon?


Every Waking Hour

For The Record

Future Dad to Future Kids

Grandpa’s Tools

Hamburger Patty

He Dodged With Desparation

I Loved Her As A Woman First

I’ll Never Win

I’m So Tied up in Nerves That I’m a Bundle of Knots!

In Search of the Words on Our Anniversary

Kimmy On The Trampoline

My Father’s Shoes

Mother’s Rose

My Happiest Times

My Love Song

My Son

No More Songs

Not The President

Once Upon A Dad

One Sunday Every Year

Our Mother’s View

Petition For My Time

Pretty Women, Ugly Men

Sore-al Hygiene

Stupid Word Play… Totally!

The Cricket Sammy James

The Eight-Month Old

The Greatest Pretender

The Lucky One

The Meaning Of Eternity

The Midnight Watch

The Mood Breaker

The Plate That Ate Kate

The Poet’s Firm Mastery

The Reaping

The Stringbean Stranger

The Thirty-Seven Pontiac

The Writer’s Excuse

This Little Angel

To My Expectant Wife

To The Baby-To-Be

Today As I Ride Solo

Tricycle Boy Versus The Furnace Monster

What Will We Do, You And I?

When Suddenly Nothing Happened

Where Did You Get Those Eyes?

You’re Still My Girl