Motorcycles and Gearhead Stuff

Wes and Trent pre-ride in Carolina 21740656_10159331173020322_1717519919242669085_n


If it’s got a motor, I like it! The poems below celebrate the joys of driving, flying, or riding our mechanical marvels! I’d love your feedback…

Rumblin’ Red

A Critter’s View of a Motorcyclist

An Idle Interest


Late Night Check Flight


My Love Song

My Mount

My Old Slash-Two*

Ride Through The Night

Screamin’ Beemer

Sunday Rider

The Glider

The Great Escape

The Light Beyond The Grave

The Motorpool of God

The Only Explanation

The Race Through Town

The Stroker

The Thirty-Seven Pontiac

The Un-sickle-ized World

The View From The Saddle

Today As I Ride Solo

Tucked Against The Wind