Spiritual Poetry

I hold a deep reverence for Jesus Christ as the savior of all mankind and, most importantly, as my personal redeemer. Most of the poems below may be enjoyed by Christians of any denomination but there are some (marked with an asterisk) that touch on Mormon culture/humor/themes that may be better related to by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (like me). At any rate, all are welcome!

*A Majesty of Stone

A Personal Hero

*A Ward’s Not A Ward But A Family


Another Way To Die

At Mother’s Passing

*Bishop’s Secret

Both Angel And Crook

Called To Live

Contending Desires

Five Smooth Stones

For We Are Men of Action

Glory Unto Me

God’s Agreement

*Hearing the Sacrament Prayer for the First Time

His Touch

Holding Fast

I Made The Heavenly Choir

If Ever In My Life

I’ll Go Where I Dang-well Feel Like

*Instead of Special Fanfare

Judgement Day

Late-Blooming Heroes

*Impressions On The Mormon Trail

My Son

Obviously A Bum

Our Christmas

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Rumbling Through A Race



Sierra Rainstorm; 1860

Sunday Rider

Teaching By The Spirit

*Temples On The Rise

The Battle For Faith

*The Birth of the Relief Society

The Boring Speaker

The Calling

The Eagle, The Duck, And The Robin

*The Gem Within

The Grieving Father

The Light Beyond The Grave

The Motorpool of God

The Only Explanation

The Price Of Atonement

The Song of Life is Played

The Tale Of Two Miracles

The Timepiece

The Warrior

The Welcome Stain

There Once Was A Land Of Freedom

These Callused And Comatose Kings

This Little Angel

Through Endless Paths

Thy Justice Stands Demanded

To a Solitary Young Pine Tree, Sprouting Among Shrubs on the Canyon Floor

*To Those Now Taking The Field

*Until I’m Gone I’m Here

We Mourn The Here And Now

What You Can’t Fix

Women of Accomplishment